Assalamu Alaikum,

I am Nusrat Nowrin, a Masters of Islamic Studies candidate at the Islamic Online University. An Engineering graduate from the University of Toronto, I found my heart lean towards the Islamic sciences and social work early on my career and decided to follow my heart. So here I am today.

My involvement and mini-projects in the Muslim community has taught me many things. The main lesson I have learnt, however, is that we need to stop dreaming and start taking action. One of the main issues that cloud youths of today is the perception of Muslims in the western context. I believe in telling my own story rather than believing what others say about me. And I believe in truth built on evidences. That’s why I chose a thesis topic that is used against Muslims and Islam, and I want to put it to a test for myself, and for others. But I cannot do it without you. Click here to know more about my research on the relationship between domestic violence and Islam.

Academic Background:

University of Toronto (2015)

BASc in Chemical Engineering (Honors)
Minor in Bioengineering
Certificate in Entrepreneurship

Islamic Online University (2015- current)

Higher Diploma in Islamic Studies
Masters Candidate in Islamic Studies

Bayyinah Institute (2018)

Certificate in Quranic Arabic by the Access Online Program

Previous Projects

Orphan Sponsorship Program at U of T

Muslims of Red Deer

Baby’s Box BD


A Blessed Journey

Have questions, feedback, or want to collaborate? Feel free to email me at